Sunday Service May 2, 2021

Hello once again everyone! Welcome to a new week and a brand new month! May is here and Spring is showing her weather moods and colours.

In our Worship this week, we praise God for many blessings including our online church services. Upbeat music along with prayer, Scripture and Sermon are all part of today’s Service. You are invited to join in the Celebration.

If you have an announcement, prayer request or for hymn or scripture readings, please contact us!  Messages may be left on the church telephone at (416)762-3960.

Some Thoughts to Ponder
This week as we think about Praising God have a look some at some of the Psalms of Praise in the Bible.
Try Psalms 96, 100, 146- 150.
Think about why the Psalm writer was praising God.

Take time to Pray that God will show us the blessings that are ours.

Thank God for our ongoing Worship and Newsletter connections.
How else might we connect with others?

May you know Jesus’ love with you each day.

Scripture Reading
Acts 3: 1-10

Silver and Gold
It is No Secret
Count your Blessings

Prayers for the Week
For joy in our lives
For Hope and faithfulness

For those who are sick and/ or recuperating and Caregivers
Lou and Colleen C.
Mary D.
Doreen R.
Bob W.

For those who are discouraged
For new possibilities and outlook
For church and community online
For our neighbours, friends and families



Upcoming Services
Next Sunday, May 9, watch for our Mother’s Day Service. There will be readings and music and some surprises as well.

Notice of Annual Meeting
North Runnymede will have a 2021 Annual meeting this year on Tuesday June, June.15 2021 at 7pm on Zoom.

Closer to the date the email invitations will be sent. All members and adherents are invited. There will be hard copy Annual Reports and email reports available as well.

Committee Reports
Committee Reports are due May 14,2021 to Eileen. Thanks for getting these in as soon as possible.

Food Bank
Every Wednesday, in the Church Parking lot of 33 Pritchard Ave, the Syme 55+ run a food bank from 2- 4pm. If you are in need or know anyone needing some nutritious food, please stop by.

Weekly Offerings and Ongoing Donations
A big “Thank You” to everyone who has continued to send in your church offerings, as they support the continued work of the Church including outreach, community support, ongoing services, and the United Church’s mission. Blue Envelope Offerings can be mailed to the Church, or dropped off in the Church’s mail slot. Online donations can also be made on the website. God Bless you.