May 31 Weekly Message

Communion and CrossHappy Pentecost Sunday Everyone!

Today is the church’s birthday.  It is the day the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus’ Followers and prompted them to tell the Gospel Story.  It is the reason we are part of the Church today.

We will Celebrate together in our first virtual Communion Service. Have bread and juice ready or water and crackers or whatever is available ready and we will partake together.

Enjoy our online fellowship in the name of Jesus!.

Thanks to our Worship Video and Website Team this week.  We continue to look for videos, pictures, song ideas, or prayer contributions from other members of the Church for upcoming services.  If you have an idea for something you would like to include, please contact Reverend Pater or the Church directly. 

Mother’s Day Month Theme Contest:  our first Bible-themed challenge!

FlowersDiscover as many mothers in the Bible as you can. Along with each mother’s name find out who were her children, and where in the Bible her story is found.

Come one and all and send in your answers.  Have fun and find out some interesting Bible history.  This is a contest for ALL AGES.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Special surprises for all participants. Challenge open till June.24, 2020.

Email your answers to: or mail to: North Runnymede United Church, 33 Pritchard Avenue, Toronto,ON M6N 1T4.

Have fun and send in your replies.

Prayer of the Week

We pray for Kristina G. and all those in hospital this week,
and all who are awaiting surgeries that had been cancelled.
We pray for those recovering at home
and for Hopeful and Peaceful days ahead.
We pray for all who are Celebrating special milestones this week,
and for all who need special encouragement.
Finally we pray for all of us,
for the Church Today, and the World as a whole.


Scriptures this Week

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