May 24 Weekly Message

Hello Friends of North Runnymede United Church,

Welcome everyone to a new week! It is starting off with a beautiful sunny and warm day.  Thank you for all the fantastic feedback from the Service last week!  This week we have another socially-distanced Service, including contributions from Members of the Congregation (a special thanks to John for some of the new photos).  We hope you continue to find it to be a meaningful and enjoyable part of your week.

We are looking for videos, pictures, song ideas, or prayer contributions from other members of the Church for upcoming services.  If you have an idea for something you would like to include, please contact Reverend Pater or the Church directly.

Mother’s Day Month Theme Contest:  our first Bible-themed challenge!

Flowers at the ChurchDiscover as many mothers in the Bible as you can. Along with each mother’s name find out who were her children, and where in the Bible her story is found.

Email your answers to:

Or Mail to: North Runnymede United Church
33 Pritchard Avenue
Toronto,ON M6N 1T4

Special surprises for all participants. Challenge open till May 31,2020.

Have fun and send in your replies.

Prayer of the Week

For all who are sick and for the caregivers.
For all hospital and nursing home staff and patients.
For Essential workers
For all working and studying at home
For our leaders
For each other.
For our world we especially remember India and Bangladesh dealing with Typhoon season.
For a peaceful week
For added strength and hope in this health emergency.
For each other, we Pray.


Scriptures this Week

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