Oct 1, 2023 Worship Service

Good Day Everyone! We welcome you to World Communion Sunday and a Sunday when we celebrate a young child’s Baptism in our Worship.

Today we think of Christians all around the globe who gather to give Christ Praise! Jesus said we were to Remember Him whenever we break the bread and drink of the cup. We come as invited and most special guests today with Jesus as our host. Let us also remember to pray for people close to home and around the world.

May God Bless us in our life’s journeys.

If you have an announcement, prayer request or for hymn or scripture readings, please contact us!  Messages may be left on the church telephone at (416)762-3960.

This Week’s Music
395 Come In Come in and Sit Down
444 Child of Promise Child of Blessing
374 Come and Find the Quiet Centre
468 Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ
He’s Got the Whole World

Scripture Readings
Psalm 96
Revelation 7: 9-12
Mark 10: 13-16

Weekly Prayers
God we praise you for being here and everywhere.
We thank you for Jesus’ Love shown when we gather round the Lord’s Table
We thank you for Jesus’ love of little children and people of all ages.
We pray for the sick and the healthy. We pray for caregivers and those who receive help and care.
We pray for our world. May turmoil end and peace be known.
We pray for one another. Bless our church, our families and friends and ourselves



Congratulations to the 68th Toronto Scouts on their 100th Anniversary year!

Child Baptism
We welcome Jahdane and his family and friends this morning. Betsy and Pecketo are two of his grandparents.

Refreshments after church for all.

Official Board Meeting
Official Board meets on Sunday, October 15th after the Church Service.

Upcoming Services

Thanksgiving Sunday
Next Sunday, October 8th is Thanksgiving Sunday. Come and Praise God with Thanks. Mission and Service Offering will be received as well!

If you have an announcement that you would like in our bulletin please let us know.