Online Service – Feb 28, 2021

Welcome once again to North Runnymede’s website. It is a great time to catch up on the news and to connect with our Weekly Worship Service.

Please join in our Worship and God Bless you!

If you have a prayer request or for hymn or scripture readings, please contact us!  Messages may be left on the church telephone at 416 762-3960.

Scripture Readings
Psalm 121 
Mark 9: 30-37

Prayer for the Week
Prayers for
Joyce N., Doreen R., and Bob W.
And for Lou and Colleen C.
Prayers for us all: For

Jacob’s Ladder
Jesus Walked that Lonesome Valley
Throughout these Lenten Days and Nights – p. 108 Voices United vs. 1-2
Unto the Hills – p. 842 Voices United


Black History Month
This month, in Canada and at North Runnymede, we continue to celebrate Black History Month. This year, instead of one Sunday Service, there will be a special story, poem or reading to honour Black History each Sunday in the month.

Easter and Spring Contest
It is time for another fun contest! All ages are invited to submit your Easter and Spring artwork, photography, poetry, readings to be used in the Service and upcoming bulletins. All participants will receive a special prize!

Food Bank
Every Wednesday, in the Church Parking lot of 33 Pritchard Ave, the Syme 55+ run a food bank from 2- 4pm. If you are in need or know anyone needing some nutritious food, please stop by.

Broadview Magazine
Thanks to everyone who subscribed to the Broadview Magazine. If you happened to miss the deadline, let Kathryn know and your name can still be submitted to the magazine’s office.

Mission and Service Gifts
Offerings to the United Church Mission and Service Fund are greatly appreciated at this time.  The Outreach work continues around the world, and closer to home, and support is greatly needed – especially during this Pandemic.  Cheques made out to North Runnymede United Church, marked “Mission and Service”, can be safely mailed to the Church Office.  Many thanks