Nov 27, 2022 Worship Service

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week. Not only is it a new week but we begin a new church year because this is the first week of Advent.

Our theme this week is HOPE! That is something we can all use and appreciate. We begin our tradition of lighting the Advent Candles each week in Advent. Our hymns sing out Hope and our Scriptures tell of Hopeful days and times to come.

This Sunday we are in person only. It is a Venturer Camp weekend for our Video Crew. Please join us for a wonderful time of Worship and of Fellowship in our church Sanctuary and Hall.

If you have an announcement, prayer request or for hymn or scripture readings, please contact us!  Messages may be left on the church telephone at (416)762-3960.

This Week’s Service

Weekly Scripture Readings
Lamentations 3: 21-24
Romans 15: 7-13

Music This Week
7 Hope is a Star
6 A Candle is Burning vs 1
Action Song
703 In the Bulb, There is a Flower

Weekly Prayer
Hear our prayers O God for all who are in need this day.
We pray for the sick, the lonely, the sad, those who are hurting.
We pray for parents and grandparents, for children and youth, for adults and Senior adults.
We pray for Hope that is promised at Advent.
We pray for our world. For climate change to be stopped, for Wars to cease, for Love to win.
We pray for each other.



Next Sunday is a Special Worship day and Event: Take-Out Homemade Ham Dinner and Dessert day! We will also be having some surprises like:

A Christmas Reception with Treats.
Gift Boxes for $2.00 and Up. All new items for Christmas presents and Stocking-stuffers.
Christmas Carols will be playing
$20 for the meal and reception.

Please say you will come. Let’s Celebrate our church, Advent, and the Christmas Season.

Advent Communion:
We will be celebrating Advent Communion on December 11.

Food Bank Donations
Items for the Food Bank well be welcomed all through the month of December.

More Christmas announcements coming next week. Please stay tuned!

Ongoing Donations
A big “Thank You” to everyone who has continued to send in your church offerings, as they support the continued work of the Church including outreach, community support, ongoing services, and the United Church’s mission.

If you have an announcement that you would like in our bulletin please let us know.