History of North Runnymede

In early 1912, a house on Gertrude Avenue (now Mariposa) was filled with the sound of the young children of the Scarlett Plains Methodist Sunday School singing hymns and listened to bible stories.

It is fitting that it was the sounds of children and the Sunday School which marked the beginning of our Church, for members of the Scarlett Plains Methodist Church – which later become North Runnymede United Church – regardless of age, have always exhibited youthful energy and enthusiasm.

The people who were involved with the Sunday School in those early days were determined to have a permanent home for the Sunday School and for worship services. Construction of a Church for the community of Scarlett Plains began in 1913 and the members of the congregation gave freely of their time and labour to complete the basement which was to be home to the congregation for the next five years. In 1918 the superstructure was added.

However, by 1929 there were so many children attending Sunday School that an extension was required! It was time for the congregation to once again roll up their sleeves and help get the job done!

In 1957, plans were drawn up for a new two-story building and in 1963 a new sanctuary and spacious basement were completed. It is here that we worship today.

As we celebrate our 100th year, we look back and remember with love and pride the many children (and their teachers) who have attended Sunday School. We recall the joy of worshipping together on Sundays, the inspiration of ministers’ messages, and the beautiful singing of the choir members as they have raised their voices in praise of our Lord.

We also remember the fellowship of working together and enjoying countless activities over the years. And we remember all those projects organized by the United Church Women. How many pies have baked? How many potatoes have they peeled? And how many dishes have they washed?

Today we celebrate the multi-cultural nature of North Runnymede United Church. God has blessed us in so many wonderful ways: with the various cultural backgrounds of our congregation, which has brought us a multitude of wondrous gifts.

We have the opportunity to share with other traditions our traditions, our music, our stories, our foods, our ways of worship and prayer. And they, in turn, share with us.

We learn from each other and support each other in our common love of God through Jesus.

This is a reason for celebration